Low Investment

The most sophisticated equipment we need are blenders and coolers. Own an eatery without paying for expensive kitchen equipment like hoods, walk-ins, fry machines, ovens, ranges and more.

Simple Business Plan

We offer an amazing assortment of smoothies and smoothie bowls but without complicating the menu to include salads, wraps, soups and more. This simple concept means it is easier to run and stock with a lower overhead.

Ongoing Education

Our franchisees receive ongoing support and education from Ann-Marie. Learn more about food and how it impacts the body so you can be an informed business owner and help your store make a real improvement in the health and wellness of your community.

Limited Waste

The majority of our ingredients are frozen so it eliminates a lot of opportunity for waste. We'll help you learn how to manage inventory and make sure you always have enough in stock without worrying about throwing ingredients away.

Flexible Hours

BARE Blends is a business that creates an enjoyable work/life balance. BARE is generally closed much earlier on evenings and weekends than a traditional eatery so even owner-operators will get to enjoy plenty of downtime.

Light Staffing Needs

Unlike most restaurants, BARE only needs a handful of people working each day. Avoid high payroll expenses with just 3-5 people working at a time.

Plant-Based & Gluten Free

All menu items and ingredients are plant-based and gluten free which means you can give your clients the most nutritious food on the planet with no risk of cross contamination. Unlike most places that neglect these issues or just offer limited options, everything we do is delicious while also honoring these needs.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to a cruelty free business, BARE Blends is environmentally friendly. We try hard to always select biodegradable products, locally sourced ingredients and donate waste to sanctuaries in need.

Team of Professionals

One of our founders has a decade of experience owning health and wellness businesses. The other has a degree in chemistry and nutrition. They work alongside a team of talented individuals to provide the support you need for every step of the way. We will aid in site selection, lease negotiation, digital marketing, floor plan design, menu decisions, inventory needs, staffing decisions and more. We set you up for success so you have the tools to effectively grow your BARE and positively impact your community. We do the hard work so you don't have to.

Microsite on the BARE Blends Website

Each BARE Blends location will have a featured website to promote the local offerings, highlight their store, showcase upcoming events and provide detailed information about their business. Our platform is easy to use and will allow you to customize your site with important details for your local customers.