When you join our brand, you join us in our mission.

A BARE Blends owner aims to refresh, restore and revive any community it becomes a part of by encouraging a return to what’s important; our roots. By establishing the importance of buying local, reducing our carbon footprint, eating real foods free of additives or preservatives, and by spreading nutrition education, BARE intends to make a lasting impact by benefiting the overall health, wellness, and environmental sustainability of any community.

Supporting Local

By supporting local vendors, BARE does its part in providing consumers with food that is more nutrient dense, and more flavorful than non-local foods. Purchasing local produce and products also allows BARE to further promote environmental sustainability and support local economies.

Environmentally Conscious

BARE only utilizes environmentally responsible methods and packaging. Bowls are made from recycled material; spoons are wooden and our straws are made from corn. BARE prides itself on being a business that is almost 100% food waste free.

Nutrition Education and Overall Wellness

We are an eating establishment that shares nutrition education with our clientele and provides them with the healthiest options, allowing them to make the right choice every time. We share facts about ingredients, making understanding the benefits of a plant-based diet easy.

Collectively, our owners take great pride in the unique menu and atmosphere that we offer on a daily basis. Providing healthy options and an understanding of why our products promote wellness to the community is a task and responsibility that we take very seriously. Being that obesity has now become a major public health concern, today’s consumer base is serious about what they put or do not put into their bodies, and they can dine with us in confidence knowing that we truly care. We believe in sharing food in its most natural form, our ultimate goal being to combat disease and facilitate healthier habits.