When you join our brand, you join us in our mission

BARE Blends aims to refresh, restore and revive any community it becomes a part of by encouraging a return to what’s important; our roots. By establishing the importance of buying local, reducing our carbon footprint, eating real foods free of additives or preservatives, and by spreading nutrition education, BARE intends to make a lasting impact by benefiting the overall health, wellness, and environmental sustainability of any community.

Why BARE Blends?

There's a lot of Fast Casual franchise concepts out there. Here's what we bring to your table:

  • Low upfront cost and a small store footprint.
  • Exclusively plant-based and gluten free.
  • Strong focus on environment and sustainability.
  • Simple business plan with great work life balance.
  • Ongoing education and support from a strong leadership team.
  • Turnkey marketing and dedicated support for site selection and real estate process.
  • Limited waste and low overhead.
  • Light staffing needs and flexible hours.
  • Community involvement-we will work with you to help you give back to others and make a difference with your business.

Our Difference

BARE is the best smoothie bar franchise because we are the only one that offers the opportunity to own a business with these strong advantages:

  • Menu items designed by a scientist to actually be as healthy as they claim.
  • Endless flavor combinations, base options and more.
  • Location specific website for ranking and traffic.
  • Strong return traffic with weekly flavors, seasonal specials, holiday menu items.
  • Proprietary granola flavors that were designed by us and are only available at our locations.
  • Serve the population with dietary restrictions like vegan, vegetarians, gluten free, lactose intolerant, and more.
  • Prettiest smoothie bowls in all the land. Don't believe us, see for yourself.

Why Plant-Based?

Your customers will feel their best by eating our plant-based bowls and you will have the confidence to know you are doing right by your clients and our planet. Even better, you will out position your competition and have a product that is healthier, more unique and keeps them coming back for more.

  • Plant based alternatives use 47-99% less land for food production and up to 91% less water.

  • Plant based alternatives release 30-50% less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Divorcing animal agriculture and focusing entirely on plants directly supports the environment.

  • Eating plant-based helps reduce antibiotic resistance because 70% of antibiotics are fed to farm animals.
  • Nutrients found in plant-based foods and dense, varied and greatly enhance immune system functioning and overall wellness.
  • Reducing meat production and intake will drastically reduce the risk of another pandemic. Don't believe us? Click here.

Own your BARE

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